Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Dancing for a dream and happiness

We live in increasingly stressful and anxious times. Everyday we hear news of businesses laying off workers in a gloomy economy, accompanied by rising crimes, home foreclosures, lost of investment, so it sometimes becomes difficult to take your mind off all the bad news. What we really need is some stress buster activity: especially a passion or a hobby. Dance is one such magical activity that relieves you of the stresses of life and tends to brighten your day. Moving a few steps here and there, may be imperfectly, is sure way to give you a healthier life. Apart from being a great exercise, dancing gets you into a positive mood and stimulates your endorphins system, thus making you calmer and relaxed. Whether it's ballet or ballroom, jazz, bachata or salsa, dance is great for helping people of all ages.

Learning to dance can be a life-changing activity. It can easily breathe a new life into a tired soul and make a spirit soar. There is vibrant energy in dance that is beautiful and addictive. It can connect anyone to the rhythms of nature, and give cause for that feeling of happiness. There is a strong link between dance and the emotion of happiness, as you would love to dance when you are feeling happy, but not when you are sad.  

For a lot of youngsters, especially the underprivileged children, dancing can be a great way to fulfill their dreams. Learning dance can help struggling youths gain self-confidence, self-discipline, and a sense of accomplishment. Significantly, the activity also becomes a medium to learn and practice good etiquettes and make an overall positive impact on child’s personality development. And as these children grow their love and commitment to dance, they begin to understand the value of hard work and perseverance. Not only does it will give them a sense of pride and self worth, they will be better prepared for adulthood where they have lots of different challenges, besides having an appreciation of arts.

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