Friday, 15 June 2012

International dance forms gaining popularity in India

India has a rich cultural heritage and is known worldwide for its varied dance forms. But over the years a growing trend has been seen in form of various international dance styles gaining popularity in the country through dance contests, workshops, parties, and performances. In cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune and Bangalore, a lot of people of different age groups are putting on their dancing shoes and swaying to the mesmerizing beats of popular international dance forms.

For instance, Salsa was introduced in its original form only in the late nineties in India but in a short period of time has gained immense popularity. A major reason of this is because of its pounding rhythms, staccato beats, feet tapping music and sensual body movements. Numerous Salsa clubs have sprung up in the country that offer classes to Salsa enthusiasts. 

A recent trend indicates that a growing number of Indians are taking to Salsa as a way of reconnecting themselves and their bodies – with many looking to explore and unlock the newer energy within them. The diversity and complexity of Salsa music also keeps its listeners glued and surprised, and its dancers on their toes. Moreover, Salsa is also growing in popularity among celebrities as a mean to stay fit. Salsa dance classes prove to be the best aerobics classes whether you want to work on arms, back, buttocks, legs and all this is at the same time.

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And it is not just salsa or the tango, other dance styles like samba, bachata, the merengue, the mambo, the pachanga and the rumba, casino rueda and street cha-cha-cha, too are gaining in popularity lately. These dance forms are also looked upon by many as a way to socialize as a relaxed friendly atmosphere encourages them to socialise, make friends and ask people to dance. 

Their craze is growing rapidly and now the country hosts a lot of major dance festivals like Pune International Dance Congress, Goa International Latin Dance Festival, International Salsa India Fiesta, Chennai Salsa Festival and Salsa Congress. And the latest addition to this list is upcoming 7th India International Salsa Congress, Bangalore. Such festivals also serve as a cultural exchange between the community and countries of the world.

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